Who are we ?
T.D. NEGOCE a division of the I.C.D. GROUP.

I.C.D. was created in 1976 by Patrick BARTHELEMY.

In 1981, his brother Eric joined him and took over the management of the car recycling center and sales department of light-weight, utility and 4X4 vehicles. 

In 1985 the activites rapidly expanded to the industrial area of Toul.
  T.D. NEGOCE is ideally situated in the center of the European Community with easy access to the European motorway network EAST/WEST, and NORTH/SOUTH. It is about one hour from the airports Metz-Nancy-Lorraine, Luxembourg and Strasbourg. 

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T.D. NEGOCE assures you a very efficient car collection service, clears non-repairable vehicles, disassembles them, checks and sells the parts with warranty.
T.D. NEGOCE offers a choice of vehicles consisting of all markes and models : cars, utility vehicles, 4 x 4, buggies, caravans, mopeds, motorcycles,
trucks and trailers.

Eric BARTHELEMY and his employees are at the disposal of regional, national, European (East and West) African customers etc. from Monday 08.00 to Saturday 19.00 throughout the year.

Vingt années de commerce ont permis à l'équipe d'Eric Barthélemy de présenter plusieurs milliers d'automobiles neuves, d'occasion ou accidentées-réparables, chaque année.
  Parc automobile
Parc automobile   T.D. NEGOCE also sells new original or adaptable parts at attractive prices, and adapted to "Export" customers.

T.D. NEGOCE can assure assembly of these parts and systems as well as their delivery in France and worldwide.
This site, real-time update, will enable you to judge the diversity, the quality and efficiency of this organization.
Do not hesitate to contact us, a warm welcome awaits you.